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Church of Nu-topia

Come worship at my altar

N. Vivian
2 March 1982
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Welcome to my LJ! I hope you enjoy my perspective. Like all of you, I'm damn busy living my life to the fullest. I'm a girl geek, a graduate student, a role playing gamer, a proud wife, and (so hntrpyanfar assures me) the finest snark among my friends. Pull up a chair, pick an interest, and we'll chat awhile.

*I'm an English grad student at Clark University. I enjoy fantasy, Regency romances, AND fan fiction, but will likely mock the latter. By "likely" I mean "almost definitely."

*I'm a kept woman and I like it.

*At last count I have over 1300 books, and there are still ten more shelves of books to count. This makes me happy in ways I cannot describe--well, not if I want to keep this profile be PG-13, anyway.

*I like tabletop gaming and LARPing, specializing in wicked, badass, sexy characters who are usually thieves, whores, secretly noble, or some combination of the three. But, mostly badass.

*Continuing on my litany of geekiness, I do panel programming for Lunacon, the NY Fantasy and SF convention. It is made of fun and awesome, and if you're anywhere near New York in mid-March, you should attend.

*I live in central Massachusetts with my husband, shogunhb, and my best friend, ddrpolaris. With them, I am complete. I share everything in my life with them--except my books. I mean, yeah, sure, they can read my books as long as they don't get confused about who owns them. Heck, my marriage vows included: "And all my worldly goods I thee endow.*"

*Except my book collection

I mean, why start married life by lying?

*I've never quite gotten past Sailor Moon. ;) And I probably never will.

*I have no children. And I probably never will. This makes me happy--I only like babies on toast.

*One day, I shall become Queen of America. You should be nice to me.

*My health sucks right now, as my immune system is too dumb to attack anything other than ME. However, I intend to get better, and will probably do so by sheer force of will and the power of spite.

*I'm terrified of zombies. Like, legit terrified. I am planning for the Zombocalypse now, so that when it comes, I will be prepared. I hope to learn to shoot this summer. I wish I were kidding.

*I'm a writer, which mostly means I struggle to write every day, rather than just talk about how much I want to write one day. This is HARD. But I wouldn't do it if I didn't love it (except for those times I'm crying cause I hate it), so...

*I don't like confrontation, but I believe in equality for all, and will not hesitate to go toe-to-toe with someone about it in RL or LJ.

*Additional hobbies include: banging your mom, advancing the cause of sarcasm & snark, and judging. Yes, I'm probably judging you right now.
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